🖤 100% Natural Ingredients
🖤 100% Natural Ingredients
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About Us

Welcome to The Spartan Table, your complete source for natural and organic Greek olives, olive oil, raisins, nuts, olive pastes, tomato products, spices, and herbs, and the home of my wife Jehny’s cuisine, where we share delicious treasures grown on our own Greek land. We are always updating the shop with new variations of herbs we handpick on Greek mountains or olive oil variations we get from our 2.500-year-old olive trees. We welcome your suggestions or requests for special combinations, sizes or recipes.

Our dream is to sit around our table with new and old friends, with people we love, respect and admire. We want to meet all of you and share our flavorful Greek foods from this blessed land of the ancients. When your purchase travels across land and sea to your table, you are with us at our Spartan table.

Come on in, and let's get to know each other, sharing wonderful moments in our lives, in the true Greek way of hospitality.