🖤 100% Natural Ingredients
🖤 100% Natural Ingredients
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BESTSELLER Wild Herb-Mix (Lasts for up to 6 months)
BESTSELLER Wild Herb-Mix (Lasts for up to 6 months)
BESTSELLER Wild Herb-Mix (Lasts for up to 6 months)

BESTSELLER Wild Herb-Mix (Lasts for up to 6 months)

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Less than $10 per month of our most organic and finest wild herbs that will make regular dishes taste like from another world!

From now on you deserve to cook and refine your food only with the wildest and most organic herbs directly from the Sunny Spartan Mountains (handpicked by my lovely wife Jehny and me)

Here’s what our BESTSELLER Wild Herb-Mix contains: (remember, each dish only needs 1g of herbs since the taste and wild aroma is not to compare with regular industry herbs)

Wild handpicked Oregano from Mountain Taygetus (30g)
Wild Rosemary from our Secret Mountain Spot in Greece (30g)
Wild Sage, helps since ancient times to increase our brain’s function (30g)
Organic Wild Thyme from Mount Parnonas in Sparta, Greece (30g) 
- Natural Sea & Gourmet Salt directly hand collected from the sea in Greece (185g)

With full confidence we stand behind the taste, smell and feel of each product since we use and eat them ourselves since years! Our customers  say that our herbs taste & smell 4x as strong and good as any other oregano.

These 5 bestsellers are also a perfect gift for every occasion! No matter if birthday, Christmas or moving to a new place - with our wild herb-mix all kitchen heroes are provided with our herb bestsellers from morning till night. Perfect to make simple dishes like a cheese sandwich, potato pan or spicy scrambled eggs the most delicious dish ever. Our all-organic wild herbs that taste so strong and beautiful can not be put into words! With this box you can definitely steal tastes!

Here in Greece we use our wild herbs and the sun to turbo-charge our immune system and become vigorous again. We add them in an easy and fast way to our daily diet. 

Extra Tip: Wild grown herbs contain much more vitamins and micro-nutrients than packaged from the supermarket AND they taste much better and much more intense! (check out what our customers say)


Customer Reviews

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Maxime Poulin

Thank you!!!

Excellent Quality

The quality of all the products are excellent. The wild thyme, oregano, rosemary and bay leaves elevate any dish. I enjoy the Mountain Tea. It is an herbaceous tea - a taste I like. I plan to always keep Spartan Table products in my kitchen.

karen mcdonald
Disappointment for 45 dollars u.s.

I cant believe how small these soaps are. 2 fit into the palm of your hand. It could bot be used as a bidet soap as they are too small and woukdnt last at all. I cant believe I paid 60 canadian for this. I was expecting a great product. And I was extremely disappointed not to mention angry.

Pam Jeppesen
Mountain tea

It’s an unexpected taste. I think it may be an acquired taste. Love the chamomile though. Thanks