🖤 100% Natural Ingredients
🖤 100% Natural Ingredients
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Natural Sea & Gourmet Salt
Natural Sea & Gourmet Salt
Natural Sea & Gourmet Salt
Natural Sea & Gourmet Salt
Natural Sea & Gourmet Salt
Natural Sea & Gourmet Salt

Natural Sea & Gourmet Salt

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Natural sea salt is the most natural Gourmet Salt out there and the best product for seasoning the finest steaks or vegetables..

Our Sea Salt comes directly from the Mani's Rocks

Update: We got some more of this Amazing Salt this summer (Summer 2020)
Limited Quantity!

Dried Physically on the sea rocks of Mani, under the Summer Sun.

Many  years ago, one evening my husband came at home with a tiny bag in his hands.
He was smiling - like having found diamonds in our yard.
He opened the kitchen's selves and grabbed the pack of Salt we were using so far.
I was looking at him, opening the window and emptying the salt under a poor cat who was sleeping in peace...

He said: From now on, we will use only this salt. We owe this to our Kids.

An Old Woman, was living at the village of Hotasia back then. Though she was nearly 80 years old, she was gathering with her children and grandchildren every year the sea salt, from her "farm" as she used to say. "Her farm" was a small place of rocks which ended in the sea.
Her crop was the Salt. She was doing this, as long as she remembered her self.

Last Summer we took our Kids for a weekend trip at Hotasia.
We had been invited from a friend who left the city of Athens 1 year ago, and decided to live there.
He had told us about the salt which he was ready to gather (it was end of August) and he was thrilled about it. He had rented from the Church one small place of rocks, and he was a "Salt Farmer" now...
Sun was too hot... more than 35 Celsius and it was 6 p.m when we started helping him.
We spent the next day also gathering the salt and when we were ready to leave, he wanted to offer us a bag of his crop.
I would like to analyze you all the benefits of the Sea Salt, but instead of this, I discovered a great article of the American Heart Association which you can read it here:

I will be happy to share with you, the salt we have in the bag we brought from the Village.
I don't know if this is the best salt in the world but I can tell you, this might be the most Authentic "product" that remains the same over thousands of years. Just Sea, Rocks and Sun...:)



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Maxime Poulin

Thank you!!!

Excellent Quality

The quality of all the products are excellent. The wild thyme, oregano, rosemary and bay leaves elevate any dish. I enjoy the Mountain Tea. It is an herbaceous tea - a taste I like. I plan to always keep Spartan Table products in my kitchen.

karen mcdonald
Disappointment for 45 dollars u.s.

I cant believe how small these soaps are. 2 fit into the palm of your hand. It could bot be used as a bidet soap as they are too small and woukdnt last at all. I cant believe I paid 60 canadian for this. I was expecting a great product. And I was extremely disappointed not to mention angry.

Pam Jeppesen
Mountain tea

It’s an unexpected taste. I think it may be an acquired taste. Love the chamomile though. Thanks